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WHOLE New Design Gerneral III / Click Here to see the Video

Can change your color meter part of it?
Yes, we can switch the color of the instrument panel with red, white and blue light or red choice.
   Offer customization of the pack?
  Our packaging design can be fully commissioned by the client, as are most of the precision instrument company's customers are well-known European and American manufacturers of OEM / ODM orders.
   What features of your instrument, setting operation by remote control functions include?

This series of products subject to different, have different operating range of the remote  control to Daemon II 60mm Series racing form, there are, including:

  • Water temperature gauge support for fan control - can set the temperature, radiator fan control starts. (Remote control operating  For set)
  • Oil temperature table to support fan control - can set the temperature, engine oil cooler fan control starts. (Remote control operation set)
  • Booster / voltage meter to support delay-law fire function - can set the number of seconds delay extinction maximum to 120 seconds. (Remote control operation set) 
  • LED color change function - instrument panel with color switch, red light or red and blue options. (Remote control operation set)
  • LED light brightness adjustment function - can be day or night in accordance with, the operation light shading. (Remote control operation set)
  • warning value adjustment function - can be in accordance with their own vehicles performance, adjust the car's warning value. (This feature needs to set the remote control operation)
  • peak memory display / clearance - peak memory can be individually displayed and cleared. (This feature needs to set the remote control operation)